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Nicholas Kharlamov, Founder of NRK Entertainment is a World-Renowned Professional Ballroom Dancer, Choreographer, and Performer.

He was a National and International Champion and World Finalist. Nicholas has represented the US for over 15 years in the most prestigious competitions all over the world.




Nicholas’s coaching and teaching career began right here in Naples, Florida over 10 years ago. Over the course of the last decade he has earned a position of great respect in the dance community via extensive experience coaching, choreographing, and performing amongst some of the nations greatest dance professionals.

Initially driven by a passion for dance competition, Nicholas has developed a greater calling for sharing the transformative magic of dance on a social level.

Nicholas founded NRK Entertainment to bring that level of exciting world quality entertainment to the Naples area.  

The vision & goal of his business is to incorporate dance and music into events, parties, and activities in order to enhance the overall experiences of guests by fusing theme, atmosphere, and emotion with the power of dance & musical performance.


“I have seen dance change people’s lives. Not just through learning how to dance, but just by watching and being immersed in a dance experience. It’s truly amazing to see how dancing can change the mood and atmosphere of not just the performer or social dancer, but to everyone around them. It is my goal now to expose and bring dance in a relatable, fun, and entertaining way to the everyday person looking to enhance their social experiences.”

– Nicholas Kharlamov

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